5-axis machining center

This high-speed machining center for long aluminium stringer components combines the advantages of Sprint-Z3 technology with rapidity and accuracy to provide efficient work piece machining with optimised workpiece handing. The machine is specially designed for machining aluminium profiles (or stringers) of up to 30 metres in length. Thanks to the excellent precision and speed the ECOLINER user can achieve high cutting rates (average machining time of 12 minutes per linear meter), optimum accuracy and excellent surface quality, even with extremely long stringers.

Key benefits:

– Drastic productivity increases
– Optional conveyor system
– Extremely high precision
– Maximum acceleration in all axes
– Optimum chip disposal
– Optimum value for money

Axis Configuration

Technical Data

Please choose the Measuring Unit

X-axis mm Up to 30,000
Y-axis mm 1,500
Z-axis (spindle horizontal pos.) mm 670
Z-axis (spindle +/- 45°) mm 370
A/B-axis, conical work envelope ° +/- 45

Acceleration / deceleration in X-axis m/s2 4.91
Acceleration / deceleration in Y-axis m/s2 4.91
Acceleration / deceleration in Z-axis m/s2 4.91
Acceleration / deceleration in A- and B-axis °/s2 685
Rapid traverse / feed in X-axis m/min max. 50
Rapid traverse / feed in Y-axis m/min max. 50
Rapid traverse / feed in Z-axis m/min max. 50
Tool magazine WERO rack type 125 pockets