SIP SPC 7120 5A

4- or 5-axis machining center

The SIP SPC Series not only provides the user with the ultimate in precision but also with tried and tested sophisticated automation. Investment in SIP technology produces returns, thanks to above-average long-term precision and many years of durability.

Key benefits

  • A thermo-symmetric machine structure
  • High-precision machine geometry thanks to the manual sizing process (scraping)
  • Optimised thermo management thanks to temperature-controlled cooling of the thermally critical components and isolation of intrusive heat sources
  • Dynamic software management for the ultimate in precision and productivity
  • SAM Service Assistant Module (only with the Siemens-CNC control system)

Axis Configuration

Technical Data

Please choose the Measuring Unit

Pallet clamping surface mm 1 250
Workpiece interference area diameter (mm) mm 940 / 1 250
Maximum workpiece weight kg 800
Maximum feed X / Y / Z m/min 40
Maximum number of tool slots 320
Length x Width x Height mm 4 550 x 7 760 x 4 150