Heckert HEC 1250 U5

5-axis machining center


Flexible and modular-designed horizontal machining centers HEC 1250 U5 ensure optimum results in the economic machining of workpieces with an edge length up to 2,400 mm and a maximum weight of 5,000 kg.

By means of the NC swivel head the HEC 1250 U5 enable high-precision 5-axis machining of complicated workpiece shapes in milling, drilling and thread machining. Mould parts can be machined in any position within the swivel angle ± 180 °.

The highly flexible modular principle on the basis of Athletic machines series ensures individually customized solution for single-item, series or large-scale. Fields of use of the monitoring machining centers are primarily the area of Transport & Industrial Components. The machining centers can be delivered as stand-alone machines, added with pallet storage system or integrated in flexible production systems for unattended production

Key benefits:

• Customized version: Modular construction guarantees customizable manufacturing solutions
• Reduction of manufacturing and floor-to-floor times: Assembly-ready complete machining in one clamping
• Machining quality to IT 5/6 and high long-term accuracy:
– Thermo-symmetrical machine design
– FEM optimized main components
– use of high-precision functional elements
– high accuracy package as an option
• Reduction in setup times: workpiece setup on separate loadunload station during processing
• Decrease in non-productive time: highly dynamic tool handling and adjustment axes
• Savings on tool and operating costs: modern process monitoring and high energy efficiency of the machining centers
• 5-axis machining with NC swivel head
– High material removal rate thanks to powerful AC main motor with 2-stage gear
– Compact, rigid and torsion-resistant working spindle with a smooth running and long term accuracy
– Electronic spindle leveler and hydraulic clamping of the NC head for stable, safe and precise location position
– Automatic compensation of thermally induced axial spindle elongation for high positioning accuracy
– High dynamics of the pivoting movement of the NC head by direct-drive torque motor

Axis Configuration

Technical Data

Please choose the Measuring Unit

Clamping area hole matrix DIN 55201 mm 1,250 x 1,000
Max. load kg 5,000
Max. speed rpm 10
Workpiece swing diameter mm 2,200 (2,400)
Max. workpiece and clamping fixture height mm 2,000

Linear travel X mm 2,200
Vertical travel Y mm 1,450
Traverse travel Z mm 2,100
Feed range, stepless mm/min 1 … 45,000
Rapid traverse rate X / Y / Z m/min 45 (60)
Feed force X / Y / Z kN 20

NC swivel head .
Drive power 100% c.d.f. kW 46
Drive power 40% c.d.f. kW 66
Torque 100% c.d.f. Nm 1,024
Torque 40% c.d.f. Nm 1,860
Speed range, stepless rpm 20 … 6,000 (8,000)
Tool-holder HSK-A 100 (SK 50)
Swivel angle degree ± 180

Chain magazine .
Number of tool pockets 40 (60 / 80 / 120)
Max. tool diameter mm 325
Max. T-Type tool diameter mm 500
Max. tool length mm 600
Max. tool weight kg 35
Tower magazine .
Number of tool pockets 180 (270 / 360 / 450)
Max. tool diameter mm 340
Max. T-type tool diameter mm 950
Max. tool length mm 450 (600)
Max. tool weight kg 35 (50)
Total weight of all tools per tower kg 900

Linear axes X / Y / Z
Positioning uncertainty P [Tp] mm 0.006
Position scattering range Psmax mm 0.004
NC rotary table B
Positioning uncertainty P [Tp] sec ≤6
Position scattering range Psmax sec ≤4
Swivel axis C
Positioning uncertainty P [Tp] sec 6
Position scattering range Psmax sec 4