ECOSPEED from 2570 up to 25220

5-axis machining center

In the aviation industry, there is an increasing trend towards larger and larger monolithic structural components. The ECOSPEED series, featuring a horizontal spindle and a vertical pallet arrangement, has been specially developed for high-speed machining of these large structural aluminum components. A pallet transport system feeds pallets to the machine, the storage station and the loading/unloading station. The innovative Sprint Z3 parallel kinematic machining head, provides the user with the optimum 5-axis simultaneous machining process.

At a maximum cutting volume of up to 8,000 cm3/min, the machine concept is the world’s most productive solution for cutting aluminium structural components, drastically cutting both production times and costs.

Key benefits:

– Excellent cutting performance and surface quality
– Optimum dynamics and rigidity
– Maximum cutting volume (8,000 cm3/min)
– Convenient horizontal pallet loading parallel to main processing time

Axis Configuration

Technical Data

Please choose the Measuring Unit

Length (X-axis) mm 7,000 – 22,000
Width (Y-axis) mm 2,000 / 2,200 / 2,500

X-axis mm Pallet lenght (X-axis) +900
Y-axis mm 2,200 / 2,500 / 2,600
Z-axis (spindle horizontal pos.) mm 670
Z-axis (spindle +/- 45°) mm 370
A/B-axis, conical work envelope ° +/- 45

Pallet changing time (definend cycle) sec 150 (Values for type 2570)
Chip to chip time (definend cycle) sec 15 (Values for type 2570)
Acceleration / deceleration in X-axis m/s2 9.81
Acceleration / deceleration in Y-axis m/s2 9.81
Acceleration / deceleration in Z-axis m/s2 9.81
Acceleration / deceleration in A- and B-axis °/s2 685
Rapid traverse / feed in X-axis m/min max. 65
Rapid traverse / feed in Y-axis m/min max. 50
Rapid traverse / feed in Z-axis m/min max. 50
Tool magazine WERO rack type 90 / 125 pockets

C-axis ° 360 continuous
Right angular milling head (spindle 90° +/- 45°)
Right angular drilling head (spindle 90° +/- 45°)