5-axis machining center

Scharmann has developed the ECOSPEED F for high-speed machining of mediumsized aluminium structural components. The horizontal spindle arrangement, the vertical pallet arrangement and the Sprint Z3 parallel kinematic machining head, which delivers high travel speeds (1,968 inch/min) and accelerations (386 inch/sec²), all come from the successful ECOSPEED.

What sets the F version apart from the standard ECOSPEED is that the machine column is stationary. The pallet travels in the X direction on the vertically arranged table group. The ECOSPEED F is equipped with a rotating double pallet station, located parallel to the X-axis, which enables component loading and unloading during the machining cycle.

Key benefits:

– High performance 5-axis machining
– Excellent acceleration in all axes
– Outstanding surface quality
– Minimum down times
– Maximum process reliability
– Optimum precision

Axis Configuration

Technical Data

Please choose the Measuring Unit

Length (X-axis) mm 3,500
Width (Y-axis) mm 2,000
Payload kg 3,000

X-axis mm 3,800
Y-axis mm 2,500
Z-axis (spindle horizontal pos.) mm 670
Z-axis (spindle +/- 45°) mm 370
A/B-axis, conical work envelope ° A/B-axis, conical work envelope

Pallet changing time (definend cycle) sec 184
Chip to chip time (definend cycle) sec 13
Acceleration / deceleration in X-axis m/s2 9.81
Acceleration / deceleration in Y-axis m/s2 9.81
Acceleration / deceleration in Z-axis m/s2 9.81
Acceleration / deceleration in A- and B-axis °/s2 685
Rapid traverse / feed in X-axis m/min max. 50
Rapid traverse / feed in Y-axis m/min max. 50
Rapid traverse / feed in Z-axis m/min max. 50
Tool magazine WERO rack type 129 / 300 pockets

C-axis ° 360 continuous
Right angular milling head (spindle 90° +/- 45°)
Right angular drilling head (spindle 90° +/- 45°)