5-axis machining center

Ecospeed is the synonym for the most economic method of machining complex aluminium structural components in the aerospace industry. Based around its’ unique parallel kinematics Sprint Z3 machining head, Ecospeed represents by far the most productive solution for the high performance cutting of monolithic aluminium aerostructures. The Ecospeed family has been continuously developed to meet market demands. New challenges imposed by the market are implemented within a team framework, by maintaining intensive contact with end users.
Yet another recent customer-driven requirement placed on the Starrag Technology GmbH management board was to supply an optimized economic Ecospeed variant for machining long and narrow structural components at high cutting rates and using complex 5-axis geometries with 5-side access to the work piece.

Key benefits: 
– High performance 5-axis machining
– Excellent acceleration in all axes
– Outstanding surface quality
– Minimum down times
– Maximum process reliability
– Optimum precision

Axis Configuration

Technical Data

Please choose the Measuring Unit

Length (X-axis) mm 4,000
Width (Y-axis) mm 1,500
Payload kg 3,000

X-axis mm 4,300
Y-axis mm 1,600
Z-axis (spindle horizontal pos.) mm 670
Z-axis (spindle +/- 45°) mm 370
A/B-axis, conical work envelope ° +/- 45

Pallet changing time (definend cycle) sec 190
Chip to chip time (definend cycle) sec 13
Acceleration / deceleration in X-axis m/s2 7.3
Acceleration / deceleration in Y-axis m/s2 9.81
Acceleration / deceleration in Z-axis m/s2 9.81
Acceleration / deceleration in A- and B-axis °/s2 685
Rapid traverse / feed in X-axis m/min max. 50
Rapid traverse / feed in Y-axis m/min max. 50
Rapid traverse / feed in Z-axis m/min max. 50
Tool magazine WERO rack type 129 pockets

C-axis ° 360 continuous
Right angular milling head (spindle 90° +/- 45°)
Right angular drilling head (spindle 90° +/- 45°)