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Focus on improvement in efficiency

The system for collision and tool breakage monitoring developed by WFL Millturn Technologies GmbH & Co. KG records basically all cutting force components that may arise, via separate input channels. This principle helps to supervise, in a very comprehensive way, all loads occurring in the machine. Overloads in one or several axes, caused for example by a tool breakage, can thus be recognised with relative accuracy.

The force components are indicated by a bar chart on the control screen. This graphic can then be faded in to the automatic menu of the control, giving the operator full information on the loads currently acting on the machine even in the middle of a production cycle.

Process optimisation

Intelligent software solutions for increasing efficiency – adaptive control guarantees, for example, a secure machining process of raw parts with variable stock without overloading machines and tools and without user interventions.

Software solutions

  • Adaptive Control (for feed and spindle speed)
  • Torque and speed restriction of the milling spindle
  • Automatic geometric check
  • Process time recording
  • Coolant unit control with pressure control and flow monitoring

Process safety

The safety of a workpiece, tool and machine is a central objective in every machining process. Due to the separate registration of all cutting force components in process monitoring, tool breakage is, for example, reliably detected. The emergency retraction routines minimise the risk of rejection in the event of power outage.

Software solutions

  • Drive independent emergency retraction routines, level 1
  • Drive independent emergency retraction routines, level 2
  • Control-led emergency retraction routines
  • Basic process monitoring
  • Advanced process monitoring
  • Automatic display of input screens

Tool management

All information relating to the existing tools is organised in a uniform manner with the software solutions associated with tool management. This makes it possible to achieve a considerable reduction in the set-up time and minimise tool costs, as the tools are always used until the tool life end.

Software solutions 

  • Tool management
  • Tool identification system
  • Additional tool holder for tool identification
  • Virtual magazine
  • Tool data archive
  • Tool master database
  • Tool requirement management