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Starrag Technology Solutions

Technology solutions which make the customer stronger

More and more, the unique nature of our services can be seen beyond the individual machine systems. A comprehensive technology services package which can be tailored every time to meet the needs of the specific customer are of great help in ensuring that manufacturing is always geared towards the highest levels of productivity and, where necessary, adapted to take on new tasks.

The most important engineering services include:

  • the products by the leading company TTL, «Adaptive Machining» technology automates the machining of complex blades, blisks, impellers, etc., previously requiring extensive hand-work
  • the CAM software package for the efficient machining of flow parts and the simulation programme, which enables complex blade machining processes to be set out, checked and refined on-screen
  • the Center of Production Excellence in Rorschach, where demanding machining processes for the customer can be tested and optimised technology services which enable machining strategies and technologies to be designed and further developed.
  • close collaboration with leading technical universities and research institutes means that new findings from the world of science can be made available to customers
  • ultra-modern equipment and clamping technologies whose priority is to ensure high levels of availability and productivity for the equipment
  • a comprehensive range of ultra-modern tools which are constantly being further developed in combination with our machines and adapted to new challenges
  • planning and installation of turnkey production equipment. One of the group’s main strengths is the inter-linking of a variety of machine concepts which provides low unit costs and a high level of flexibility when companies wish to go in new directions