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Starrag Fixture and Clamping Technologies

Fixture and Clamping Technologies

The Starrag Group offers tailor-made solutions with ultra-modern fixture and clamping technology. The basis of this intelligent process technology is the experience and expertise, acquired over decades, of our highly-qualified technicians who can design concepts which exploit the full potential of mechanics, automation, hydraulics and vacuum and magnetic technology.

The result of this process is that customers can benefit from optimum availability and productivity for their equipment.
Customers gain a leading edge with innovative fixture and clamping technologies, including:

  • Clamping fixtures for high-precision work pieces
  • Cost-efficient and flexible multiplecomponent clamping fixtures

Automated, hydraulic and magnetic solutions:

  • Intelligent hydraulic jig and fixture technology with position and orientation control, high long-term process stability thanks to the CNC-programmable variable clamping force for manual and fully-automated loaded fixtures
  • Jig and fixture technology for fullyautomated work piece clamping by means of a handling system or robot for complete machining, eliminating the need for manual reclamping during the machining process and meaning that the user simply has to control and monitor