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Starrag CAM Solutions

CAM Solutions

More and more, the unique nature of our services can be seen beyond the individual machine systems. A comprehensive technology services package which can be tailored every time to meet the needs of the specific customer are of great help in ensuring that manufacturing is always geared towards the highest levels of productivity and, where necessary, adapted to take on new tasks.

RCS – the original CAM software RCS is a dedicated CAM Software, mstanding behind it over 30 years of experience in the blade CAM industry. Developed and tested at Starrag in Switzerland with the specific intent of producing efficient programming and machining techniques for turbine blades.

PSI+ – the programming solution for Blisks and Impellers ,PSI+ is Starrag’s dedicated CAD / CAM solution specifically for the efficient programming and subsequent milling of multiblade components such as impellers, blisks / IBRs, diffusers or nozzle guide rings. PSI+ is designed to be the optimal link between the CAD data of the designer and the perfectly milled workpiece of the production engineer. The purpose of PSI+ is to provide real benefits for real production.