Horizontal machining centers

We will design and implement a unique produc-tion system in which the Linear Modules can be integrated seamlessly into your infrastructure. These machines provide the basis for a production system whose compactness, robustness and dynamics allow you to achieve maximum pro-ductivity. The modular design allows for flexible configuration of the Linear Modules as four- or five-axis horizontal machining centres so you can meet your specific technology requirements. By connecting the machines to central supply and disposal systems, you can reduce costs and achieve the maximum levels of energy efficiency. The configuration of the interfaces for the L machines can be easily tailored to suit your tool, workpiece and data flow.

Axis Configuration

Technical Data

X / Y / Z travel mm 700/550/780
Rapid traverse m/min 80
X/Y/Z acceleration m/s2 8/11/10
Chip-to-chip time sec 3.2
Tool holder HSK-100
Max. tool length mm 430
Max. tool diameter mm 270
Clamping surface mm Ø 570
Max. Swing mm 850
Max. workpiece height mm 600
Laoding mess kg 800