Droop+Rein G/GF

6-axis machining center

How can large, heavy-duty and bulky workpieces be processed without adversely affecting the weight and size of the machining result? The Droop+Rein G/GF series has been specifically developed to tackle this difficult task. The gantry machines reliably prevent dynamic losses through the table and workpiece. The G/GF series has many technical highlights to meet the requirements of complex machining tasks, such as the hydrostatic guide in all linear axes or the thermo-symmetrical design of the spool milling unit with an integrated C-axis. Milling heads can be changed automatically via a head change interface.

Droop+Rein has developed over 300 different milling heads for a variety of applications – such as machining large diesel engines. The option to set up in a second working area during the machining time allows increased productivity.

Technological advantages:

  • Optimum development of potential in the machining of large and heavy workpieces
  • Floor plate for cubic workpieces
  • Rotary table for rotationally symmetrical workpieces
  • Comprehensive Starrag diagnostics system
  • Industrie 4.0 proved via Starrag IPS
  • High energy efficiency
  • Comprehensive peripheral devices
  • Large number of automatically interchangeable milling units
  • Integrated rotary table (milling/turning)

Axis Configuration

Technical Data

Please choose the Measuring Unit

Power (100% DC) kW 50 – 150
Torque Nm 2,400 – 10,000
Speed rpm 2,500 – 6,000

Length mm from 8,000 + 1,000 mm steps
Width mm 3,000 – 12,000 (+ 500 mm steps)

X-axis mm 8,000 – 30,000 (+ 1,000 mm steps)
Y-axis mm 3,000 – 13,000 (+ 500 mm steps)
Z-axis mm 1,500 – 4,000
W-axis mm 1,000 – 5,000 + 500 mm steps (only for G)
C-axis ° ± 180/n x 360

X-axis m/min 20
Y-axis m/min 20
Z-axis m/min 20
W-axis m/min 4 (only for G)
C-axis °/min 3,600