Bumotec s210 / s220

Finishing centers for jewellery industry

Finishing centers for the jewelry industries, the machines range s210/ s220 combine several processes such as Milling, Engraving, Drilling and Faceting to produce parts for the most demanding key players of the jewelry crafts worldwide.
His legendary finishing qualities best fit the requirements in terms of accuracy and ease of use.



  • Small floor space requirements < 2m²
  • High performance level
  • Large range of materials handling: precious metal such as silver, gold, platinum, but also brass, stainless steel, etc…
  • Production of rings, diamond-rings, bangles, medals, signet-rings, cuff-links, spectacles parts, lighters, watch-cases, dials, appliques, earrings, pendants…


  • 6 to 8-Axis
  • Faceting, engraving, drilling, milling
  • 2 spindles with changer and tool magazine
  • High frequency 45.000min-1 spindle
  • Easy changeover of the programs
  • CNC control unit Siemens 840Di

Axis Configuration

Technical Data

Please choose the Measuring Unit

Voltage 3×400 V /50 Hz
Control voltage 24 V DC
Installed power 7,5 kVA 15A
Air pressure bar min 5 (max 10)
Weight kg 1200
CNC control unit Siemens 840 Di
Engraving software CAD-CAM/Vision numeric

Horizontal Spindle 10000 min-1
Vertical spindle s220 HF 45000 min-1

Angular displacement D-shaped surface A ° 180
Dividing device B ° 360
Drum for angular positioning C ° s210: 225 / s220: 180
Linear displacement X mm s210: 25 / s220: 41
Linear displacement Y mm s210: 80 / s220: 41
Vertical displacement milling head Z mm s210: 150 / s220: 133
Manual Q axis mm s210: 45 / s220: 33
Manual RB axis mm s210: 20 / s220: 20
SP axis ° s210: 360 / s220: SP1/SP2 360

Tool holder Automatic diamond tool revolver 6 positions
Magazine s210: manual / s220: Tool magazine 8 positions
Clamping s220: Pneumatic clamping and unclamping system
Optical Centering microscope device

Tool holder Ø 30mm D-Shaped ring until radius of 5mm
Code reader Bar code reader integration / programs record

Machine (without any options) kg s210: 1000 / s220: 1300