Bumotec s100multi

Multi stations production center

Thanks to linear motors in all axes, the recently developed machine concept of the Bumotec s100 multi machining center accelerates and cuts extremely fast (minimum chip-to-chip time: 500 ms) These enormous performances are also due to a high-speed spindle (60,000 rpm). Four workstations, equipped with a large tool capacity, and two milling spindles work simultaneously.

Thanks to its low footprint and multiple tool magazines (up to 144 tools), the dynamic transfer center is ideal for manufacturers producing ultra-precise components for clocks, computers and electronic applications made from brass, aluminium or stainless steel – very fast and in batch sizes from one to bulk production runs. This makes the machine ideally suited for components up to a size of 80 x 80 x 80 mm.

Key benefits:

– Four machining centers
– High rate of acceleration (maximum 3 g: 27.24 m/s²)
– Fully developed linear motors
– Fast feed rate in all axes (50 m/min)
– Fast rotating spindles (maximum 60,000 rpm)
– Extensive tool magazines (for up to 144 tools)
– Very fast tool changing times (< 500 ms)

Axis Configuration

Technical Data

Please choose the Measuring Unit

Axis stroke (X-Y-Z) mm 80
Travel speed m/min 50
Acceleration 29,43 m/s2 / 3g
Resoltution 0,005 um

Number of spindles 2 vertical per station (8 in total)
S1/S6 motor power/torque 2kW / 0.7 Nm / 0.9 Nm
Max. speed 60.000 min1
Tool holder taper HSK-E-25

Numerical control Bosch Rexroth MTX Performance / 15″ screen

Number of Tools 18 per Spindle (144 embedded on the machine)
Chip to chip time sec <0,5
Max. Tool Ø mm 50
Max. tool length mm 100

Automation Workpiece loading and machined part unloading
Spindle elongation measurement Sensor on spindle shaft, with real-time compensation
Tool breakage detection Mechanical
Workpiece measurement Mechanical probing

Centre (without automation) kg 12000
Centre (with automation) kg 12900