Berthiez TVU 2800/220

vertical turning lathe

The vertical lathes of the TVU product line of Berthiez are especially suited for machining engine and turbine components, which are primarily used in the aerospace industry as well as for alternative and classical power generation. The TVU vertical lathes are characterized by a complete cast design, high-precision static and dynamic positioning as well as long-lasting reliability.

Advantages of the TVU vertical turning lathes are, completely cast iron construction, high static and dynamic axis stability, high accuracies and long term reliability. For higher flexibility the machine can be equipped with several pallet change systems and adaptable milling heads. The optional Y-axis table traverse will permit the turning, milling and grinding of complex components in a single clamping.

Technological advantages:

– Complete cast design
– Very high table speeds
– Turning and milling operations on one machine
– Precise positioning
– Various pallet changer systems
– Large range of peripheral equipment
– High-pressure coolant pack (400 bar) for machining titanium
– Complete solution for machining titanium (with machines, tools, methods and processes)

Axis Configuration

Technical Data

Please choose the Measuring Unit

Swing diameter mm 2,800
Turning diameter mm 2,600 with standard tool clearance 170mm
Machining height fixed crossrail mm 800-1,570
Machining height moveable crossrail mm 1,120 / 1,560 / 2,000 / 2,440
Moveable crossrail stroke mm 800 / 1,000
Step moveable crossrail mm 100

Table diameter mm 2,200
Table speed rpm 250
Table drive power S1 100% kW 51 / 71 / 100
Table torque S1 100% kW/Nm 26.1 / 36.4 / 37.1
Table load max. kg 20,000

Cutting force kN 50
Feed force kN 15
Ram cross section mm 250 x 250
Ram stroke mm 1,000 / 1,250 / 1,500
Rapid traverse max. mm/min 20,000
Tool interface CAPTO / HSK / KM

Spindle power S1 kW 21 / 36
Spindle speed rpm 6,000
C-axis feedback intervall sec 2
Tool interface CAPTO / HSK / KM / ISO
Torque Nm 200 / 345

Swing diameter mm 2,200

Front pallet Pallet diameter mm 2,200
Front pallet Swing diameter mm 2,800
Load on pallet kg 6,000