Berthiez RVU 900/80

vertical grinding machine


The RVU grinding machines set new standards in high-precision machining and are especially suitable for high precision grinding applications in the bearing and aerospace industries. The range can be equipped with up to four water-cooled grinding spindles which can achieve a performance of 60.3 hp at 18,000 rpm. (according to the type of grinding wheel selected)

The RVU facilitates a complete machining processing without interruption as optional dressing units, grinding wheel changers and workpiece measurement are available. Additional options for hard metal machining boring and workpiece measurement increase the possible applications of the machine series considerably.

Technological advantages:

– Hydrostatic guideways
– High degree of concentricity and axial run-out accuracies (< 1.5 μm)
– Precise and powerful table drive (torque motor)
– Solid design in monolithic grey cast iron
– Measuring cycle

Axis Configuration

Technical Data

Table support
Swing diameter mm 900
Grinding diameter mm 800
Height under grinding wheel thickness 100 mm mm 600
Standard table diameter mm 800
Table speed rpm 150
Table load kg 2,000
Carriages 1
Grinding ram stroke mm 800
Feed force kN 10
X- and Y-axis speed max. mm/min 10,000
Spindle-holder tilt degree – 5° + 275°
Tilt lead degree 1° (Hirth)

Power (conv. GW) (S1) kW 7 à 25
Speed (conv. GW) rpm 6,000 à 12,000
Power (CBN wheels) (S1) kW 15 / 25
Speed (CBN wheels) rpm 8,000 / 18,000
GW diameter (conv. or CBN) max. mm 150 / 300
Wheel thickness max. mm 50 / 100
Wheel-holder clamping taper face x

Surface grinding spindle (conv. GW) (S1) kW 25
Spindle speed rpm 5,000
Wheel diameter max. mm 400

Electropermanent magnetic chuck
No. of poles / slots width
mm 24 / 10H10